profilo Dancer, dance teacher, choreographer, devotes herself since many years in Oriental Dance with the intention of spreading this art.
She studies classic dance in her childhood an continues her dancing by study of afro-Brazilian dance and jazz in her hometown Salvador da Bahia in Brazil. She is fascinated by oriental dance already in Brazil where she attends courses held by Lebano-Brazilian teachers.
fotoShe leaves Brazil in 1994 moving to Italy. In Italy she attends courses with well-known teachers of oriental dance such as Amal Kalifa and Esmat Osman. She attends also workshops and seminaries with famous teachers, e.g. Raqia Hassan, Souhair Zaki, Mona Gareb,  Mona El Said,  Aida Nour,   Mahmoud  Reda, Yousry Sharif, Farda Fahmy,  Nagwa Fouad, Dawlat Imbrhim, Tito Seif, Asmahan,  Mohamed Kazaf, Souhair Zaki,  Yousry Sharif, Farda Fahmy, Dawlat Imbrhim, Dina, Mo Geddawi, Maha Tawfik, Alaa El Din Youssef and Randa Kamal.
She undertakes her first travel to Cairo in 1998 in order to deepen her understanding of oriental dancing.
In 1999 she returns to Egypt during a three monthes tour while collaborating with the Brazilian music and dance company "Banda do Pelô" where she performs as background singer and dancer.
She takes advantage of this second stay in Egypt to optimize her technique and dance stile. She also studies Arabic dance rhythms with the Egyptian and Lebanese percussion masters Issa Salem and Abdullah Mohamed, to whom she is particularly indepted. During the following years she consolidates her dancing activities not only in Italy but also in France, Spain, Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Greece, England, Switzerland, Brazil, China, Thailand and Egypt. Jacy refines her technique with famous masters heading for developing her personal stile. foto
In 2004 she is invited to Shanghai / China to join a dance group organized by Sergio Giuliani who presents the work "Roman Holiday" obtaining a great success. Therefore, she is requested by the school "Jazz du Fank" of Shanghai for dancing shows and teaching oriental dance. Her activities become popular in China where she is presented in various broadcasting transmissions. This expands her popularity also to Beijing and Hong Kong where she also is invited to perform. 
Back to Europe she undertakes a tour with shows and workshops with her own orchestra through Italy. In 2007 Jacy exults with her production "Tabla & Timbal" in the Belli theatre of Rome where oriental, Brazilian and African musicians and dancers met. Her great success induces the national news program of the Italian TV channel “RAI” (Radio-Televisione Italiana) to dedicate a transmission to her work.
In 2008 she is invited to Egypt as first oriental dancer of the Sheraton Cairo Hotel where she performs for one year.
Since 2009 Jacy is based in Düsseldorf/Germany. She performs and teaches in places all over the world.